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December 2017

November 2017

Kick Start: Cardiff, Visual Notes Progress

By | 2017-11-03T12:30:27+00:00 November 3rd, 2017|blog|

In mid October, I participated and represented my young, still-figuring-everything-out arts organization for Kick Start Cardiff, a week-long exchange program by Visiting Arts. On a small sketchbook I took notes, and I've been taking my [...]

October 2017

Gargling Tree

By | 2019-03-23T14:44:23+00:00 October 31st, 2017|Fiction, Writing|

Smoke filled his lungs nicely. The cemetery was quiet. The tree behind him kept staring at his back. His meds were still on the table back home. The tree is coughing. The smoke burns. The tree knows.

September 2017

July 2017

Butterflies, Dominoes, Microchips: Comparing early video-game music and the Noise of Luigi Russolo

By | 2019-03-23T14:22:29+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Articles, blog, Media Reviews and Critiques, Videogarmes|

A look at the direct historical and technological line connecting videogame music from the '80s and 90s to the futurist machinist Luigi Russolo. The Art of Noise gave birth to chiptune music.

May 2017

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