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Illustrator, writer, project producer and instigator of many talents. I work in science communication, urban sketching, comic books, erotica, and commercial bespoke projects.

While the resulting product or service has to be of the best quality possible, the real value is in the process of creating the content.

I work in the in-between spaces. Places where law and art meet, where scientists employ me to communicate difficult concepts through comics. Where animated chickens can illustrate a business accelerator’s goals, and a unique laser cut box can revive a theatre performance that was lost to the ages. Not always social and critical, my work is an amalgamation of processes and ideas to create a whole.

I mostly work with direct clients who want a bespoke art piece, be a tattoo or a short story. I’ve worked with online and paper publications, done exhibitions of archival projects, and exhibited in small galleries.

I am also creative director of Ffangaí, a community arts organization based in Cardiff. And editor of the bi-annual publication SUDDENLY:Mushrooms.

I am available for commissions.

Ian drawing on the sailboat Sail la Vie during a project with the Smithsonian Institution

Future Exhibitions:

Past Exhibitions:


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