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Hola! I am Ian. When I was growing up I wanted to life inside a tree and write
stories while a comfy cape of moss would take root on my back and make me really awesome. I am a storyteller, essayist, illustrator, performer and exhibition artist. The moss stopped growing once I finished school, and now I spend time hanging upside down from treetops. Oh, how dreams are realised.
My mind can be found at the intersections of thought-processes and ideas and subjects. My interests lie in how any subject can be related to any other subject, and in that intersection of ideas a conversation, a discussion, or a hell of aimless ponderings can be born. What happens to folk myths when a new species is introduced to a region?

Can good design help people out of poverty? Who invented 1980s chiptune music in the 1900s? How strongly is the zika virus attached to gender and reproductive rights in Latin America, and can these ideas be portrayed in Soviet-style screenprint posters?

Can and should the discipline of illustration be used to explore human sexuality?
It is these ad-hoc conversations that take place en route to the canned soup aisle in a supermarket that feed the bulk of my work.
Writing and illustration are my weapons of choice, and in these I explore many formats. Poetry and essays and articles and short stories, erotic, non-erotic, realistic and surrealistic and sometimes extremely lyrical; through these formats I attempt to explore the guacho of consciousness inside my head, and in effect produce something that will trigger that moment in the reader when they have to put down the book, stare at eternity, and reconsider their entire sense of being. (Or just entertain them for a couple of hours – I am flexible). As an illustrator I am a print-maker, a photographer, a model at times, a biennial painter, mostly a drawer, and often a furniture maker; I’ve been a circus performer, and a background shape on television and film. Over the years I’ve struggled with not becoming a true master in any skill, but I realise that it is the learning process, the fact that I will always be improving, that keeps me going and has me picking up ways of working (which are, essentially, ways of thinking and problem solving) like a hunter-gatherer picks up food on the way to their next home. Flexibility and adaptability is what this approach affords me, and this has allowed me to work with a variety of subjects and people.
It is a well meaning hell, to find meanings between unrelated and sometimes opposed thoughts. But it is a hell that is a load of fun to explore and get lost in and come out the other side redder than a lobster in a magma reservoir, but holding to a body of really powerful work.

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