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I am many things.

Freelance illustrator, writer, entrepreneur and instigator.

Take a gander down the gallery at the front of this website, and you can see that, at least visually, I hold many tools: brush, pen, printing mediums, pixels, words and vectors. As a practitioner, indeed, as a person I like to think that everything can be of inspiration and provide a tool through which solve a wonderous problem. I’ve translated this practicality of making into the more abstract ways in which my practice operates. I am an artist who works through Intersectionality. Taken from social studies, intersectionality is the idea that related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination, and multiple group identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component parts. To simplify, my work likes to exist in in-between spaces. Not always social and critical, my work is an amalgamation of processes and ideas to create a whole.

My projects such as Coyote Crosses the Continent, and An Incomplete Timeline of Isthmian Identi(ty/ties) are examples of how I can bring many thoughts processes to fruition through visual storytelling. The former is an ongoing series of stories and images that asks the question of what happens to folk knowledge and folk heroes through animal migration. The latter ponders ideas of indigenous identity and post-colonial nationhood through a merging of Pre-Columbian and European art.

I mostly work with direct clients who want a bespoke art piece, be a tattoo or a short story. I’ve worked with online and paper publications, done exhibitions of archival projects, and exhibited in small galleries.

I am currently launching two new businesses, one focusing on post-engagement interaction through in-situ illustration; and the second one, Ffangaí, a community arts organization.

I am available for commissions.


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