Outside the Work Window

Four stocky people stand in a group against an old fence. They are wearing bright green and orange hi-vis jackets that read security.
Film crew security.
A stocky person. Their bright yellow jacket is so big you cannot tell their gender. They're standing next to a warning sign in the same colour. It reads: Motorist, don't leave your valuables.

When the going gets rough, you find a job to pay the bills.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a job that, while not your passion, still makes you feel useful, fulfilled at some level. But, if you had my luck, not only did you land a job that was devoid of any intrinsic value, but was badly managed.

The one advantage that job had, however, was the amount of time you could spend idling and waiting for something else to happen.

And in those quiet moments, I would entertain myself by looking out the window.

One day I noticed that a lot of people looked… kinda similar. Sometimes, when you have a sketchbook at hand, these decisions are made for you. It decidedly helped that I had colour pens that fit the people I was looking at.

So it happened:

There, unaware to the eyes towering above them, people would spend their time. Loitering, or waiting, trapped in their own little cycles as I was.

A stocky man with a ponytail carrying a child with a blue jacket on his arms.

Directly across from a daycare, and settled in a building that was often used as a filming location, the vantage point allowed me to see protagonists of their own stories. Parents picking up their children, and toddlers in so much padding they could’ve probably bounced off the ground if they fell.

I noticed that most people were wearing those poofy waterproof jackets that I’ve always associated with farmers, or girls who wear ugg shoes.

And then there were the security guards. Or those working in similar positions. Stocky people, taller than me, capable of throwing me to the other side of the street and, failing that, half-way into oncoming traffic. Chill guys, whose job consists mainly of waiting and watching. You have to be calm to work security. Calm and big, and perhaps on the obese side.

Nearly a year later, and I look at these drawings with a decided fondness. An experimentation that went right, if perhaps hasn’t yet led to anything.

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