I am working on developing a new side to my freelancing work. This will be launched as a service involving the live illustration of events, conferences, talks, and similar to produce post-even engagement material. More details will come in time, as well as sample of some work I’ve already done towards setting this up as a viable business. In the mean time, you can look at two pages from a new book from one event I participated in a couple of weeks back.

Kick Start: Cardiff – Notes 01


Kick Start: Cardiff – Notes 02 – Caerdydd Creadigol 2nd Birthday

The decision to turn… I don’t even know how to describe it: as a hobby, or just something I did as part of my practice but never… turned into anything. Visual note taking has been part of me for a long while now, and I have only gotten better and better at it. Of course, I can improve, and making these two images has taught me that perhaps doing some Graphic Design courses won’t hurt. But to turn them into very much the core of my revenue? That decision came after actually getting commissioned because and for this sort of work. More on that later.




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