It is a bit of an old story, but if you’ve run a website for any period of time you know about porn-bots. Like hungry mercenaries prowling the country side after their armies got broken against a superior force, porn-bots can suddenly appear and make your day a nightmare. They range from unimportant links you can easily get rid off with the right tool, to more insidious followers who clogs the algorithm and stops your true followers from getting to your content; sometimes they’re even malicious. As far as my research suggests, these bots simply follow me, or you, so that search engine algorithms can be tricked into thinking they link to authentic content. Tumblr is set up for this sort of abuse, and whoever runs the website really doesn’t care about this taking place. Something even tells me that they are making money out of this situation.


Well, on my professional Tumblr blog I’ve been having the issue of too many porn-bots following me. It messes up my numbers, and makes me feel that I am obviously doing something wrong. I thought about deleting the blog and starting anew, but what about those followers who still like my work? I just can’t directly contact each one and make them aware of what is going on. So, I decided to turn my Tumblr blog into my sketchbook site. You’re going to be seeing never-before-seen work from the past couple of years. Sometimes new stuff too! Today I created a queue, and even I found some stuff I had forgotten about but is actually really good. So, come along, follow me, and be merry! Tumblr Blog Who knows, perhaps you’ll find something there that you like better than my other work.




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