Coyote Crosses the Continent

An allegorical tale of an all-knowing Coyote deciding to travel south to places unknown.

Currently Working on a Science Communication Project

I was invited to join the O’Dea Lab team, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, on the sailboat Sail la Vie, to record, research and discover the hidden narratives of what happens when scientists go out to the field to discover how to better understand the world.

Take a look some of the previews from the project:

For Illustration Projects

I am creative director of Ffangaí

Ffangaí is an artist-led platform set up to incite connections amongst artists, their local communities, and to cross disciplinary and professional boundaries to find new ventures of expression and enterprise. 

Ffangaí promotes community engagement through social experiences, creates beautiful products through project-based collaboration, and educates artists on the value of entrepreneurial skills. We believe that to supercharge careers, artists must not only be constantly improving their craft, but upskilling on a lateral basis (gaining new, divergent skills), all the while building networks with people, both inside and outside the artistic world. Surmised: a support network first; a business network second; an experimentation somewhere in between.

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